The “do you support XXX?” fallacious meme…again

I found yet another binary “do you support law enforcement? If not, unfriend me now” meme on my Facebook wall the other day.
The glib answer is “I support law enforcement”.
However, that is not what the meme is inviting. The meme is a dog-whistle to demand uncritical respect, fealty and deference.
If you want a discussion about law enforcement, great, let’s have one. A discussion that does not start from the premise that law enforcement is all bad, nor start from the idea that law enforcement is perfect and above any criticism. If you just want me to uncritically agree with a binary statement based on reflexive deference, no. I am not playing that game.
If you want to interpret that response as me not supporting law enforcement, you’re the one with the reasoning and critical thinking problem, not me.


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