Big changes in my social media presence

With immediate effect, my social media presence is shrinking down to the following:

1. This blog, which will be focussing more on business postings for the rest of the year
2. White Cat Publishing‘s blog and matching Twitter and Ello accounts, with occasional postings to Corporate Realist
3. My Business Twitter account
4. LinkedIn
5. My personal Ello account

My primary Facebook account will be deactivated in 2 months. There is insufficient upside to remaining on that platform. My contributions are mostly not welcomed and the signal to noise ratio is now unacceptable.
The Facebook pages for White Cat Publishing and Rainpebbles Glass will remain. Mary looks after the Rainpebbles Glass page, and I will update White Cat publishing automatically to point to that website’s blog.
If you want to contact me, please use the contact email on this blog or one of the other weblogs.


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