Corporations and the political minefield

The $1m donation by Lyft to the ACLU might just be the beginning of new era businesses and start-ups taking positions that definably underwrite and support a progressive worldview.
Most corporate leaderships live in a bubble totally divorced from the value systems of their customers, but there are corporations whose client base is disproportionately progressive, and vice versa. We can probably rapidly write examples down on a piece of paper.
As America becomes increasingly polarized, corporations may find themselves having to answer the question “whose side are you on”? It is not a decision that any business wants to have to make, since taking a definitive position carries the risk of pissing off between 30 and 40% of your existing customers. However, I see this becoming more of a factor in future corporate decision-making.
A number of corporations are unwilling to take any position on the recent Executive Order on immigration. However, many corporations, to a greater or lesser extend, have expressed concerns about it, and in some cases condemned it.


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