Eegds……it has been a long week

…from Dallas to Frankfort to Dallas to Plano in 4 working days…Where The Hell Am I? (as Donald Fagen sang in 1980).
And off to Frankfort KY again as some utterly uneffingbelievable hour of the morning on Monday.
Conclusions from traveling to KY, in no particular sequence:

1. AA sucks at value for money for checked baggage
This last 2 weeks I have been continuing to check bags on American.
No more.
Last night I checked my bag for AA5746 2.5 hours ahead of scheduled departure from Louisville. The bag still failed to make it to DFW. I am expecting that it will be delivered to my house today. Of course, if I had not pointedly said to the baggage office person “I am working in Plano all day so you are going to send it to my house aren’t you?” they would not have offered to do a thing, and simply expected me to show up at GodForsakenHourO’Clock this morning and pick it up. $25 doesn’t get you much in the way of anything, it would seem.

2. They are a bunch of drunkards in Kentucky
Every where I go there are distilleries and wineries. There is also a recovery clinic next to my office. Go figure.

3. I will have to work on Sunday
Lots of documents to create and update. That is what happens when you arrive late on an in-flight project. Well, that, plus cat-herding to the max.

Tomorrow it is a bike ride, haircut, and removing half a f**kton of grass from raised beds. Then it will be time to hold a wild party with the cats, since Mary is in Okalhoma. Well, the way I currently feel, the cats will be partying and I will be sleeping.


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