Today’s Quick Hits

1. Mandatory Minimums – What a Fine Idea
Or Not. ken White eviscerates Donald Trump’s latest bright idea about how to stop those immigrants from re-entering the USA after deportation.

2. Weird petitions to the Supreme Court
This document, replete with strange language, was an attempt to appeal a judgement to SCOTUS. I am still not entirely sure what the writer is trying to appeal by reading this document, but it seems that he was terminated by IBM and lost a court case under the ADA, and also lost on appeal. I fear that this petition will hit the SCOTUS out-tray on the floor in short order.

3. Weird Lawsuit of the Week
A guy with too much time on his hands think he has a slam-dunk RICO lawsuit against the mainstream media…where is my bulk order for popcorn. I need to increase it.

4. A classic tale of whistleblower retaliation
In which persistent abuse of police databases by school district leaders is brought to the attention of law enforcement, who decline to prosecute the persons engaging in abuse, but instead penalize the person who noticed the abuse. The result is a lawsuit that is likely to cost the school district a lot of money.


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