Social media and poor behavior in election season

One of my better and also one of my more dangerous personality traits is that I have a long memory. Sometimes I wish I did not, but I can’t suddenly acquire amnesia, and knowing my luck, if I did, I would forget the good and/or important stuff and remember the useless or bad stuff.
I have an especially long memory for events where people amaze me (and not in a good way) or piss me off.
I tend to remember people who talk total nonsense in election season. It tends to make me a lot less interested in or respectful of their views and opinions going forward if they consistently show that they are uninterested in facts, and are prepared to sign on to umpteen cockanamie falsehoods and claims on the internet, as long as the cockanamie nonsense supports Their Guys.
I really really remember people who engage in tone trolling in lieu of discussions about substance. Calling me “arrogant” or “patronizing” may make the caller feel better, but I what I really hear is “I don’t have an argument/I feel it is more important to complain about style instead of discussing substance”. That does not incline me to respect them or their opinions.
I expect that many people on social media, once the election season is over, will stop being primo-grade pains in the ass, and revert to their normal activities like posting cute pictures of animals, recipes and discussing the weather and the price of fish.
Not me.
I treat politics seriously. A lot more seriously than some people do. Politics is a serious subject to be discussed and debated in an adult and respectful way in the world I live in. I will continue to write about it on my blog, and link to other platforms. And I will probably remember the people who behaved like blabbering juveniles in election season, and hide them or ignore them.


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