The appearance of the Scots language on Twitter

As some people will know, there are three quasi-official languages in Scotland:

1. English
There is an official dialect known as Scottish English, which mostly represents the dialect of English spoken in lowland (South Central and Borders) Scotland.

2. Scots
This is another variant of the English language, also spoken across much of southern Scotland. It represents a more archaic form of spoken and written English, and can be difficult for speakers of Standard English to understand. In practical terms, Scots and Scottish English intermingle and are often used in the same conversations.

3. Gaelic
Scottish Gaelic, a member of the Goidelic language family, is still spoken extensively in the North, East and West of Scotland. When I visited Skye in the late 1970s, a majority of residents used Gaelic in their daily lives, only using English to talk to us “bloody tourists”.

The interesting development that I am seeing on Twitter since I Followed a number of Scottish Twitter users is the use of a hybrid form of English for tweets, sort of a cross between Scottish English and Scots. Here are two recent examples:


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