The awakening of the UK farming Industry..Part 3

Another AHA! moment as the UK farming industry suddenly appears to engage its brain about the practical consequences of Brexit. The soft fruit industry now realizes that without boots on the ground to pick the produce, the industry is likely to contract and possibly disappear.
As is now becoming usual, their public begging and pleading statement is a hoot.

British Summer Fruits chairman Laurence Olins said: “It is inconceivable that people who voted to leave the European Union wanted to destroy an iconic and incredibly competitive British horticulture industry, and see the end of buying British produce.
“But if we cannot ensure access to the seasonal workers needed to produce soft fruit in Britain, that will be an unintended consequence of Brexit, along with soaring prices and increased reliance on imports.”

Laurence, me old pal me old beauty, could I just perform some translation on that for you? here goes…

When our members voted by a majority to leave the EU last Summer in a fit of juvenile nihilistic pique, we didn’t stop to think that it it might destroy much of the British horticulture industry, and see the end of buying British produce.
Now we are crapping in our trousers.If we cannot rely on cheap labor from those countries with weird character sets and odd place names, what the f**k do we do? HELP!


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