The mess at LSU

LSU starts the season 7-0 and looks to be cruising to the playoffs. Then they lose 3 in a row, and suddenly total madness breaks out in Baton Rouge. Now the talk is that LSU will buy out the contract of head coach Les Miles and his staff. This will cost them somewhere between $15-20m.
In the meantime, the university has been slashing faculty costs because of a shortage of money.
Yep, that really makes sense.
If I am Les Miles, I am already out of LSU. The university, whether they wanted to get rid of him or not, has already lost him. Now 2016 recruits are already concluding that LSU is not where they want to be.
More seriously, who is going to want to take the job after Miles? Sure, the money is good, but if the program’s boosters are so entitled that they are prepared to jettison the most successful coach in the history of LSU because the team lost 3 games, what hope does a new coach have that they will not suffer the same fate. At a mimumum, it should make them ask for the same buyouts that Les Miles appears to have in his contract.
In the meantime, LSU has one more regular season game to play. I wonder how much motivation Les Miles can instill in his team now?


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