The sudden idea that the NFL should be above politics

So, John Elway wants to take politics out of football?
Hmm. OK.
Would this be the same John Elway who endorsed Neil Gorsuch for the role of Justice on the US Supreme Court?
An endorsement that was published on paper with a Broncos letterhead?
I have two thoughts on this.
1. Elway’s complaint is a behavior pathology that I do not understand. Any person as smart as John Elway should be able to understand that his proposal yesterday will have next to no credibility after his Gorsuch endorsement.
But…he went ahead and made the statement anyway.
This suggests to me that we are dealing with a combination of a total lack of ability to feel shame, and/or a lack of self-awareness. Both of these pathologies point to hubris, as in “I am John Elway, therefore the normal rules of logic, argument, and credibility do not apply to me”.
2. The underlying reality is that the NFL was paid money to bring the military (and the military is inextricably linked to politics) into the NFL, starting in 2009. (Presumably John Elway knew all about this).
Ship already sailed. Train left station, Genie out of the box. Use any cliche you like, but the NFL already embraced politics, so whining about how they need to get politics out of the NFL is, well, more than a few years and a few million dollars too late.


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