The “what about Hillary?” complainers

For reasons that are rather obvious, a lot of Donald Trump supporters have very little of substance to point to as achievements of his Presidency to date.
So, engaging in diversions is one of the tactics that they have adopted.
One popular diversion is the whole “Yeahbut…Hillary would have been far worse!” claim. This takes all sorts of forms, usually starting with phrases like “criminal”, and possibly including words like Benghazi, Pizzagate, Vince Foster, and more recently, Seth Rich (Whitewater is rarely used, despite the massive amounts of money spent investigating it).
That is before the inevitable descent, for some complainers, to female perjoratives and other curse-words.
It is almost as if the people making these allegations think that Hillary Clinton is actually the current POTUS, with Donald Trump operating as The Patriotic Opposition.
It certainly tends to back up my opinion that 1/3 of the Trump supporters last November were less interested in liking Donald Trump than they were in despising Hillary Clinton.


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