Twitter activity correlations

As a regular on Twitter, I noticed that 2 weeks ago there was sudden surge in recycled allegations about Hillary Clinton being involved in the sale of uranium resources to opponents of the USA. It was also clear to me that many of the accounts pushing the narrative were bots or sockpuppet accounts. Many of the twitter accounts were acting as amplifiers, re-tweeting old allegations.

Now you know why the horseshit uranium story was getting pushed so hard

— Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) October 28, 2017

“>This article shows the actual metrics for recent Twitter activity, confirming that the Uranium stories have been re-cycled.
We can expect a flurry of bot activity in the next few days if Robert Mueller’s activities lead to the arrest of Trump administration members. Do not be distracted. Expect to see any and all allegations against popular hate figures like the Clintons to be recycled. I would not be surprised if Pizzagate is revived by the botnets.


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