..and the last gem for now from Albert J. Bernstein

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And another gem from Bernstein...

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The next gem from Albert Bernstein...

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Excellent column from Albert J. Bernstein

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Link: http://www.albernstein.com/id19.htm

Albert J. Bernstein is one of my favorite authors. I first found out about him when I picked up a copy of his seminal book "Dinosaur Brains" (co-written with Sydney Craft Rozen) at my local Barnes and Noble back in 1995. Since then I have purchased a number of this books.
One of the things that continues to fascinate me in modern corporate life is the almost perpetual tension that appears to exist in most corporations between team members (or, as they are quaintly called over here in the USA, "individual contributors") and management-level folks. These tensions are often hidden, but are almost always present, and usually emerge into the open in times of stress or crisis. It is my personal belief that the cause of corporate governance would be served if both sides put aside many of their preconceptions and beliefs about each other, and learned to be more open and accepting of the different imperatives that drive individuals at different levels in a corporation.
Having said that....here is an interesting collection of pithy thoughts by Bernstein about the science of management. An interesting phrase, since when I was at college in Manchester in the mid-70's the prevailing sentiment in management schools was that management was amenable to being taught using elements of the scientific method. The biggest class intake in UMIST at the time was for Management Science as a major.
By the way, the best part of the article is the one about how to stop new ideas from emerging in your corporation...here I regret to say that the deja vu floods over me...

Article on Leadership Integrity

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Link: http://www.leadertoleader.org/leaderbooks/l2l/spring2003/sherman.html

...which gives some core principles for high-integrity leadership.

RIP Peter Drucker

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Link: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20051112/ap_on_bi_ge/obit_drucker;_ylt=Aldetosn_hACpup_JYrkYPmb.HQA;_ylu=X3oDMTA4MHNjNWZuBHNlYwMxNjk0

One of the giants of modern management consulting and writing passed away yesterday (Friday).

A key enabler for the appearance of wireless ISPs...

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Link: http://www.techworld.com/mobility/news/index.cfm?NewsID=4722&inkc=0

...is a transmission technology that can create and disseminate an omnidirectional signal for a significant distance (15-30 miles) at a useful bit rate (at least 5 Mb/second). The existing 802.11x protocols and their associated transmission hardware do not meet this requirement. It is possible to transmit over 30 miles in a straight line with 802.11 protocols, but that requires a unidirectional antenna and receiver.
Now, this article shows that we may approaching the point of off-the-shelf availability of technology that will support the creation of local wireless ISPs and neighborhood wireless nets.
Note the word "may" in the above paragraph. There are still issues associated with making this technology work. The demo to which journalists were invited recently showed successful transmission over 18 miles from a transmission tower in Florida. The tower is 850 feet (!) in height, which is not a condition many local would-be wireless ISP providers are likely to encounter very often. Additionally, the signal was being thrown across a sparsely-populated area of the Everglades i.e. flat land with few buildings.
This is a promising technology improvement, but it may be more than a few months before it is ready for "prime time".

This article strikes a nerve...

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Link: http://www.infoworld.com/article/05/11/01/45OPrecord_1.html

We are all wearily familiar with work situations that match almost exactly the comedic situations sketched in the "Dilbert" cartoon series by Scott Adams. Adams has built an entire career by adapting to corporate governance and project management the mantra once popularized by Will Rogers, who famously noted "I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts".
I subscribe to the "Off The Record" newsletter from InfoWorld. Today's newsletter is a masterpiece, because it documents a form of institutionalized dysfunctionality that I have actually seen happen in I.T. solution delivery in front of my very eyes.

Interesting perspective on naming

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Link: http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2005/10/the_new_rules_o.html

...in which Seth Godin explains how the rules of naming yourself on the internet have changed in the last couple of years, driven to a fair extent by the influence of search engines.

US East Coast vs. West Coast - translation

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What happens if a New Yorker has to work with Californians, and vice versa? I have been given a translation table that may help those two differing groups to understand each other:

West Coast                                 New York
----------                                 ----------
maybe                                      absolutely not
subcontractor                              bozo
design review                              brawl
facilitator                                dictator
he's not signed on to our plan             he's a jerk
he's a team player                         he's a subordinate
I'm bringing him up to speed               ignore him, he's new
he's consulting                            he's unemployed
consider me your resource                  I'll cover your ass
I understand your feelings                 you gotta problem widdat?
what's your vision?                        where's the spec?
is there a spec?                           follow the spec
what's the game plan?                      where's the schedule?
let me share my feelings                   your plan stinks
on schedule                                over budget
behind schedule                            under budget
cost overruns                              we finished early
how do you feel about that?                we're done
thank you for your input                   shut the hell up
let me share this with you                 shut up a minute
let me build on that point                 that's totally incompetent
let's get consensus on this one            get out of my office
let's take that discussion offline         meet me in the parking lot
can you sign up for this program?          do it and do it now
I'm confident you'll get it done           do it or you're fired
thanks for bringing that to my attention   beat it

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