Book projects – what the hell have I been up to?

Since I keep telling people I am a writer, it is logical that the next question I get is “Graham, what are you working on, and where is it?”

There is a single impediment that gets in the way of rapid progress. My day job. That takes up a LOT of time. It is a reasonably well-paid job, and it is secure in the short-term. This is good. I cannot complain on that score.

When I remove the time for the day job, It leaves me with a limited amount of time to devote to writing. I have too many things i would like to do, and there are not enough hours in the day.

Until recently, I was working on fiction projects, but Covid has nuked my creativity in that area. So I have turned back to non-fiction.

I have the core Corporate Realist book project in work, which is probably going to be a single volume drawn from Diaries of a Corporate Realist, which is going to be at least 2 volumes. Corporate Realist deals with a zone that never gets discussed in any real detail; that zone between front line and leadership, where misunderstandings, mis-communications and mutual disrespect abound. It is a zone poorly explored in management writings, which almost exclusively focus on how to be a better leader. This overvalues leadership,leading to the phenomenon of manifestly incompetent CEOs and such like being paid ludicrous amounts of money for mediocre work.

Also in work is a book that will discuss the many ways in which we reveal our thoughts, values and approaches to interaction to others, without realizing how. It builds to some extent from work done by Steven Pinker and others on indirect speech, but it is updated for the era we found ourselves in.

A medium-term project deals with accountability, why it has disappeared from societies,and why that is a Very Bad Thing.

One day, when I get rid of this day job, all of these projects will come to fruition. I will be self-publishing via WhiteCat Publishing.


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