Evidence-free assertions and other lazy nonsense

Come on people, stop being wimps.
If you are going to post a meme with all sorts of extravagant claims about horrible things being planned by whatever candidate wins whatever election, at least have the cojones to stand behind what you post.
Responses like “I’m not providing any evidence – it’s all out there if you can be bothered to look” tell me one of two things.
(1) you can’t be bothered to cite any supporting evidence.
(2) you don’t have any supporting evidence.
Neither one of those options is complimentary. (1) tells me you are lazy. (2) tells me that you are way too willing to accept assertions in lieu of arguments.
Both of these behaviors strongly suggest that you expect uncritical affirmation of any cockanamie idea that you thought of or discovered out there somewhere.
That’s not how the world works. Demanding that people uncritically accept your ideas is the action of an authoritarian mindset. I’m going to face down that sort of nonsense and demand arguments based on evidence. You don’t like that? Well, I am sure you will find an echo chamber out there more to your liking. Have fun.


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