Fercryingoutloud – Monday 23rd October 2017 – Treason

No, you blustering bloviating authoritarian asshats.
Shut it.
People who disagree with you and your cockanamie ideas of “freedom” are NOT guilty of Treason.
Treason has a very narrow definition, as explained here. It is narrowly defined in order to guard against the sort of fuckwittery that I read from you on social media.
POSTSCRIPT – This website, which is claiming that George Soros should be arrested for Treason sedition and just about anything else anybody can think of, takes today’s award for insult word salad with its deployment of “Globalist PedoSatanic Supporting Libtard Crybullies”. A few too many syllables, but it sure reads well…and the few comments on the post are delightful. Intolerant eliminationist keyboard warriors? Oh no. Absolutely not…scribble like those comments always reminds me of this XTC song.


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