More research on Brexit trolling and propaganda

While I have been busy with my day job, Mike Hind in the UK and France has been busy.
1. He has begun to investigate a woman in Sussex who claims to have been evicted from her apartment by a landlord who is a Remainer, and she now claims to be living in a tent. She has started a GoFundMe, claiming that she is writing a book and needs help.
Mike, in his usual meticulous way, asked the woman some questions, which she did not care to answer, so she blocked him on Twitter, and then started deleting his comments off her GoFundMe page and reported him to GoFundMe for violation of their Terms of Service.
In the meantime, other Twitter users are busy pointing out the bullshit parts of her story…
2. Mike has collected a lot of his thoughts and findings about bot networks on Twitter on this timeline. One of the points he makes in the timeline is that many of the disinformation operations are set up under shell companies that superficially look like legitimate businesses, usually in marketing. Then they pump out propaganda as part of their “marketing”. The fake business Logical Campaign, the backers of which have been frantically trying to cover their tracks for a couple of weeks now, falls into that category.


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