Wankers Of The Week – 26th August

The United States continues to be a place containing a lot of people who cannot prevent themselves from behaving like assholes. Here are some of this week’s gems.
1. A person who used to be a credible expert witness on the validity of bite marks as evidence in criminal cases, until the credibility of his evidence was reduced by various successful criminal appeals, is clearly in a bad mood these days. So he decided to show how big a dick he could be during a deposition session.
2. The Governor of Maine, Paul LePage, has been known as a dick for a long time. In this incident, the Governor trash-talks a fellow legislator in a manner that would be regarded as punishable for a high schooler, and then brags about it afterwards to the media. Clearly, when it comes to elections, voters in Maine do not regard dickery as a disqualifying attribute for a Governor (and people wonder why my patience and opinions of groups of electors is intermittently, shall we say, low…).
UPDATE – The Governor has issued his rationalization for his outburst. It definitely falls into the category of a notpology. He claims he was speaking metaphorically, and accuses the legislator of calling him a racist without providing any supporting evidence.
3. John Dubois, the Deputy Mayor of Palmetto Bay in Florida, is clearly one or both of a man with too much time on his hands, or a thin-skinned little bully. I vote for the latter, based on his track record of suing anybody who dares to criticise him.
4. LATE ENTRANT – The Mayor of Midland City AL lost her bid for re-election to somebody of a different skin color. So, suddenly a posting appeared on her Facebook using the n-word. Now the defeated Mayor is claiming that her Facebook account was hacked. This allegation suffers from a lack of credibility, since although the post containing the n-word was deleted, but another posting referring to President Obama is still there. I call bullshit on the explanation.


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