Advance warning this election cycle

I have a pretty high tolerance for bullshit. If I didn’t, I would not have reached the age of 61 and still be gainfully employed.
However, I am going to make a promise.
If anybody sends me a message urging me to vote for any political candidate because the candidate’s spouse is so nice/smart/good-looking/would make a great First Lady, I will excoriate and ridicule their message to everybody on my friends list.
If I vote for a candidate, I am voting for that candidate. Not their spouse, pets, hairdresser, accountant, PR flunky, or yard worker.
If I dislike a candidate, it makes no difference that they have a “nice” spouse (whatever that might mean).
If you intend to vote for a candidate, my assumption is that you like the candidate’s message. If you then send me a message asserting that the candidate’s spouse is so nice etc. etc., what you just told me is that you don’t have a cogent case for voting for that person at all. Pointing to their spouse in this way, quite simply, smacks of desperation. Desperate appeals are never appealing.


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