Anatomy of a bot conversion on Twitter

The Twitter account RightWingAngel was seemingly inactive for 3 years after 2013. Then, suddenly, on November 8th 2016, RightWingAngel came back online at a warp rate of tweeting. I wonder what happened then?

However, the really interesting information is the before and after for the tweet patterns from the account. here is the time-based analysis for 2013:

Note the patterns are what one would expect from a person living in the Continental USA.
Now here is the tweet timeline pattern from October 2017:

This is completely different, more widely and randomly distributed across the day. This is unlikely to be Tweet activity generated by a real person hammering on a keyboard.
The most likely explanation is that RightWingAngel has been converted to a Twitter account which is largely controlled as a bot. There may be human intervention occurring, but the overall pattern is that of a bot-controlled account.
The other interesting aspect of this account is pointed out here:

It is likely that the human feeding this bot account is not in fact a US resident or US citizen. The work looks like a person whose first or primary language is British English.
One final thing; the Profile picture for this account just screams “stock photo”.


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