Asshole xenophobia, British-style

There is an old joke that the readers of the Sun newspaper don’t give a sh1t who runs the country as long as she has big tits.
This headline however, is extremely revealing of their attitude. It is nativist yob culture, a defiant middle-finger celebration of working-class anger. Note the by-now-standard reference to “metropolitan elites” in one article. Nigel Farage described the Yes voters for Brexit as “real people”. All of this rhetoric is part of a fundamental process of creating In groups and Out groups in society. In this case the Real Brits (working people) are the In group, and the “metropolitan elites” are (by implication) an Out group, non-real people who should STFU and/or leave.
This is going to lead to a melt-down once the real bill for Brexit comes due. I am about to st up bank accounts elsewhere in the world and move most of my money out of the UK. This nativist horseshit is already driving down the value of the Pound.


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