Friday Round-up – 20th October 2017

1. UK Crime and more Donald Trump nonsense
As usual, Donald Trump was talking mostly bullshit when he claimed that the 13% rise in UK crime was due to Muslim terrorism.

2. Normalizing Donald Trump
Jay Rosen wrote this posting a month or so ago about the dangers of normalizing Donald Trump, who, as Jay Rosen points out, is not a normal President.

3. Brexit and its impact on UK motorsport
In 2016, shortly after the shock vote in the UK referendum to leave the EU, motorsport journalist Joe Saward wrote a posting summarizing the results, the likely dynamics between the UK and EU, and some cautious thoughts about the potential impact on the UK motorsports industry.
The posting is still as relevant as it was over a year ago. Motorsports teams want the best people no matter where they come from, and any clampdown on the free movement of labour in motorsport will result in an exodus of high-tech teams from the UK to Europe. Now that aerospace has declined, motorsport is one of the remaining UK high-tech success stories, but it may not be for much longer.


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