The dangerous face of childish nihilism

A large number of GOP partisans have convinced themselves that Hillary Clinton must not become the President. However, if she does get elected next week, they also seemed to be determined to undermine, de-legitimize and attempt to prematurely end her Presidential term by any and all means, including but not limited to:

1. Impeachment

2. Obstruction of Supreme Court nominations

Then there are the charming individuals who seem to think that Hillary Clinton should be assassinated or executed.

I was going to say that this is indicative of juvenile nihilistic dickishness, and a total lack of respect for the fundamentals of representative democracy.
But that would be stating the obvious.
What I actually think we are witnessing is something a lot more sinister, namely a deliberate concerted attempt to abuse and undermine the principles of good governance.
In other words, what these baying juveniles are proposing is dangerously close to sedition.
I have no respect for politicians and political parties who behave like this. These people are not going to get my vote, in this or any future election cycle, until they wise up, grow up, apologize for behaving like entitled assholes, and start behaving like mature sophisticated and constructive adults.


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