The sport of Presidential spousal analysis

Folks, when Barack Obama was President, I never took much notice of the activities of Michelle Obama. That was because, as I recall, her name was not on the ballot in the two Presidential elections.
I similarly take relatively little notice of the activities of Melania Trump, for the same reason. I would have to say that my level of interest in the family of the current POTUS is slightly higher, but only for the reason that the current POTUS seems to think that it is OK for him to have family members take his place at sessions of international summits with other country leaders. As far as I can recall, this did not happen under the previous POTUS. It is also, in geopolitical and government management terms, a Really Bad Idea.
As for the weird concept of the wives of Presidents being “classy” or not “classy”, well, I never heard a male person described as “classy” in the same context, which makes me think that the idea of “class” in this context is a male judgment. In other words, so what?
As I said at the outset, I don’t generally vote for political candidates based in any way on the image or superficial behavior of their spouses. Maybe when a politician tries to run for office while married to a paroled axe-murderer I will take a slightly different view, but not at this time.


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